People holding a textsheet: "Women lives matter"

COVID-19 and Unpaid Care Work

Empowering Women through Reducing Unpaid Care Work: a regional Analysis of Europe and Central Asia reviews policies to reduce unpaid care work of women. These policies reduce the significant barrier to gender equality and women’s economic and social empowerment.


Policy Responses to COVID-19

Policy Brief on Gender No. 1: Women’s economic empowerment and the care economy in the ECE region. It analyzes the policy measures that have been implemented along the 5-R-framework (in English and Russian). Recognition, Reduction, Redistribution, Rewarding and Representation.

Public Investment in the Care Economy

Public investment in the care economy in the ECE region: Opportunities and challenges for gender equality in the COVID-19 recovery. Despite the key role for care services, economic stimulus packages and emergency support measures in response to COVID-19 so far have largely not prioritized support for the care economy.